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Monday, March 24, 2014

Recycled Exams

Dear Mr. Law School Ethicist:

One that that really pisses me off is the reuse of exam questions. It means that I need to learn the material which is why I am in school but it also means searching around for old exams that other students seem to have. If you have the old questions and you know the teacher is a recycler, you are likely to perform better than someone who has simply studied. It seems like professors have an ethical obligation to make sure their laziness does not mean results turn on how hard students scrounge around for old exams. Can't the deans do something about this?

Fed Up UF Law Student


  1. Hi, UF student. I think I know how I feel about this. It sucks. It is laziness and, no, administrators do not do anything unless students raise hell. And, when they do administrators are far more likely to act than when a prof complains. Even the "secret" multiple choice eventually get out. Talk to a dean about it.

  2. No need to talk to the dean but you do need to list his on your Bar application.