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Monday, June 16, 2014

Even the Best Deal Can be Screwed up

Dear law school ethicist:

 I'm currently at a conference in a hot, unpleasant city that I generally avoid like the plague, especially in summer. It's a two-day affair, chock full of substantive discussion among people from law, other academic fields, and actual humans who have something called "jobs". I'm partying my own way, so my accommodations are pretty meagre: no pool, no spa, no stylish lounge with cocktails and soothing music. What am I doing wrong?

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  1. I wonder how you became a law teacher. No one schedules a conference in a place like that because no one would go. So, where did you go wrong. You went wrong by thinking the ethicist would believe such a conference exists. Are you sure it is not faculty retreat?