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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Big Cheese

Dear Law School Ethicist;

At my law school when someone writes an email to the faculty that rubs me the wrong way I like to also send kind of a comical follow up to the faculty. I am very funny. I know that because everyone laughs when I make a quip. So, I might write something like. "So now you're the big cheese." or "Is my email working. I got a weird email." or "Et tu brutus." I know it breaks everyone up but lately someone told me it is immature, not funny, and makes me look like a bully since it appears I am ridiculing the writer of the original email. What do you think?

Thanks, Your Funniest Nightmare.

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  1. Dear Big Cheese; You should continue to do this. As the only 15 year old male on the faculty, I am sure it is refreshing and all you colleagues understand.