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Monday, May 19, 2014

Why's Everyone So Mad at Me?

Dear Law School Ethicist:

I am a professor at a law school. Yesterday we were interviewing a candidate and I asked him who he sleeps with. I know we cannot discriminate based on martial status but there are many professors who hold positions because of the person they sleep with. I don't get it, if it is plus -- if you are sleeping with the "right" person, that is -- aren't I obligated to ask so I will know how to rank the candidate. Well everyone got really really mad and said I was unethical. What's up with this? Also, when we place ads for open positions shouldn't we include a blank on the application so the candidate can identify his or her sleeping partner. Am I wrong? Please help.


  1. I am not an expert on this but I think your question does not go far enough. You need to know all about the other person. For example, let's suppose the candidate has a dog. It makes a big difference if the dog will get along with other faculty dogs. I could affect the morale of the whole faculty. So, keep asking but get more into the actual character of the other person.

  2. You've gone too far this time. You caused all the trouble,