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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Underwear Confessions

Dear Law School Ethicist:

This will seem odd and I do not mean to be provocative but I have to ask this. On my way to teach in the morning I often stop at the gym to work out. Last Tuesday, after working out and showering I realized I had forgotten to pack my underwear. It was to late to go back home and there are no clothing stores. I am pretty modest and did not like the idea but I had to teach with no underwear on.

Here is my question. The whole time teaching I was uncomfortable because it just did not feel right. Suppose the students suspected I was not wearing underwear? They might suspect me of being some kind of wierdo. Now when  I think about it I wonder if it would  have been better if I had just announced at the beginning of class "Today I am teaching without underwear. We are all adults so I intend to teach in my normal fashion."
What do you think?

Now keeping extra underwear at my office.


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  1. Phil, I know it must have been difficult to write this but, you know what, you are a weirdo.